Residential Electricity


Acacia Energy is a Texas-based electricity company with over 30 years of combined experience providing pay as you go electricity for today’s on-the-go families. We have prepaid electric plans for Texans no matter their credit rating. And we make switching electricity suppliers easy.

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Snap Energy makes it easy to get electric service for your home or business,
regardless of your income level or credit history. With just a few easy steps, you’ll have the power you need.We specialize in getting electricity turned on quickly, seven days a week. We call it the 1-Hour Power Guarantee. If your electricity is not on within 60 minutes of your initial payment, we’ll give you a $20 credit to your account.

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NOW Power began with a good idea: Give customers more. There’s no shortage
of prepaid electricity providers in Texas, and each one is pretty much like all the others. So, we set out to be different from the start by giving our customers options and rewards. That’s why we started Freedom Plan.

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Vital Power provides postpaid and prepaid residential electrical service in
deregulated areas throughout Texas. We offer superior customer service and competitive rates, and the option for customers to choose either a prepaid or postpaid electricity plan.

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